Welcome to the Jump4Heroes Landing Site.

Jump4Heroes are The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team.  As serving and former members of the Army we felt it appropriate to support charities that help the Armed Forces. We aim to do this by both fund raising and increasing public awareness of the charities and their plight. Our aim is to do this by taking calculated risks and carrying out extreme projects, normally related to parachuting, canopy flight or BASE jumping.  

We've featured in the National Press, wingsuit proximity BASE jumping, flying the St George’s Flag in freefall, having BASE jumped from the Eiger and being apprehended by armed police who confused us for UFOs, amongst other things. We were part of the World Record BASE jumping attempt from the KL Tower in Malaysia and hold a countless supply of National level medals.

What we do is extreme.  But our risks are calculated; we're professionals and plan to be around for a long time undertaking such extreme projects.  Please check out this video as a great example of what we do.


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