Jump4Heroes Dominate BASE Jumping World Cup

Pro BASE World Cup Prize GivingTwo of the Jump4Heroes team stormed to the Silver and Bronze positions in the Pro BASE World Cup in May 2012 in their quest to raise awareness for The Royal British Legion.

The team members BASE jumped from the 236 metre Istanbul Sapphire building as part of the Pro BASE World Cup event.  They had to freefall from the tallest building in Istanbul, Turkey for between 2.5 and 4 seconds.  They then had to steer in for a precision accuracy landing on the target.
Warrant Officer Class One Spencer Hogg, 43, who left the Army 3 weeks ago, dominated throughout and took the Silver medal, just centimetres behind the winner Miles Daisher, a professional athlete from the USA.  He narrowly beat his team mate, Major Alastair Macartney, 36, who took the Bronze medal.
Istanbul lies on the Europe/Asia border.  Practice jumps were made from a 140 metre high balloon on the Asian side before the competitors crossed into Europe by boat for the competition from the world famous building.
"Leaping from the Istanbul Sapphire as part of Jump4Heroes to raise awareness for The Royal British Legion was a huge honour," said silver medal winner Spencer Hogg.
The weather conditions forced the 49 jumpers from 16 different countries to leap in the most difficult conditions, dodging thunderstorms and howling winds.
"Landing safely was my primary aim" continued Spencer Hogg.  "The winds were gusting and swirling making the BASE jumping hugely technical.  I had to use every last bit of skill.  My military experience enabled me to work under such pressure and the Poppy logo on my canopy was my incentive to get onto the podium."
Landing on the target at the BASE Jumping World Cup in Istanbul Freefalling from the 236m Istanbul Sapphire building. Under canopy in Istanbul, Turkey Spencer Hogg exits the 236m Istanbul Sapphire as part of the BASE Jumping World Cup

Thanks to Kontizas Dimitrios for the pictures.